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Ladies of the Lake is an award-winning tribute site and archive for the musician, Greg Lake - founding member of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Greg liked this site so much that he asked me personally to serve as Admin at his official site.

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My Clients


::: Myher Designs LLC

A site for high-quality construction, once again with the help of Mark Merryweather's fantastic graphical treatments. Myher Designs







::: Master Renovations, Inc.

Yet another site I developed with the help of Mark Merryweather's outstanding graphics. This company has decided to go in another direction at this point, so I include the site here as an example.

Master Renovations, Inc.











::: Christopher Harnedy

Chris is a friend who had just written his first novel, and needed a website set up quickly so that he could refer people to some Where to Buy links. This site is now offline.

Christopher Harnedy Home Page








::: James Senz Gospel Music Ministry

James Senz is an up and coming gospel singer, and the husband of a friend and former co-worker who needed a website in 24 hours! The site contains information on ordering James' CD, sound samples, and future eppearances.

James Senz Home Page












::: All American Carpet Cleaning of Akron

Another site I developed with the help of Mark Merryweather's outstanding graphics.

All American Carpet Cleaning of Akron












::: 911 Pool Rescue

Complete swimming pool services and products.

911 Pool Rescue Home Page









::: Sand Masters Collectibles

Site for the makers of find sand art castings - completely customizable artworks made with 100% real beach sand in the USA. Please check out this beautiful site I designed with graphics created by Mark Merryweather.

Sand Masters Home Page










::: SSPCA Animal Rescue Funding Appeal

I was asked to help with the development and hosting of this non-profit animal rescue site. After seeing the gruesome images, how could I not? This site is sadly no longer online. (Warning: graphic images of animal cruelty and neglect.)

Seychelles Animal Rescue Funding Appeal










::: Ohio Structure Dry

This brand-new company needed a fast startup site and hosting plan, which I had ready in a matter of days. Unfortunately this company has now gone out of business, but I include it here as an example site.

Ohio Structure Dry Home Page