Roddy Boy

Roddy Boy
Roddy McPherson is a 17 year old finishing up high school. His dramatic last six months in high school contain more than the usual growing pains associated with high school students. Roddy deals with the joys and harsh realities of the outside world as well. As a result, he grows up pretty fast.

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"In the few months between January and his graduation from a Staten Island high school in 1988, Roddy McPherson is briefly expelled for retaliating when a fellow student tries to beat him up, injured in a mugging, hassled by gangs and hustled by homeless, a witness to two robberies, (one of which he foils by knocking the gunman out with a baseball bat), befriended by a young woman who is then murdered, and anointed a hero for saving a man who has been pushed in front of an approaching subway train." :: Read more

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