Windows 7 installed

I recently installed Windows 7 on my desktop, on which I previously had Windows XP SP3. The installation went really well with hardly a hiccup. Since I couldn’t upgrade, I was forced to not only clean up my hard drive, but to back up its contents as well (which I highly recommend YOU do!). I bought a 1 TB external drive which now backs up nightly. 1 TB is 1,000 GB, which is an insane amount of space that I doubt I will ever fill up.

I did have two issues pop up: my old Visioneer scanner was not supported, so was not installed during the upgrade. Surprisingly, my old Lexmark Z11 printer was supported, but it didn’t work right away. With some tweaking and some web searches, I got both devices to work with the brand-new OS.

So far everything has worked VERY well, even my old programs which I continue to install as needed. I have to say that I like Windows 7 very much and it’s the first operating system I have ever pre-ordered. Congratulations to Microsoft for a great job on this one.

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