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These are the products we use.

911 Pool Rescue is excited to offer you a complete line of POOL SEASON swimming pool chemicals. The key to maintaining crystal clear pool water during the season is a routine of sanitization, algaecides, stain control and balancing the water on a weekly basis. Testing your water with a reliable test kit and following the prescribed dosages of chemicals should lead to a swimming season with a sparkling pool.

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911 Pool Rescue - Products - Non-Chlorine Shock
Non-Chlorine Shock

Classified as an oxidizer, this shock treatment is oxygen-based and contains no chlorine. However, like its chlorine counterpart, the oxidizer is an effective waste remover, restoring your pool's shimmer. Feel free to shock and swim with this treatment - the water is ready for a dip in just 15 minutes.

Chlorinating Tablets & Sticks

For optimum sanitizing power, Pool Season recommends using chlorinating tablets such as the 1-inch chlorinating tablet or the 3-inch Giant Size Chlorinating Tablets. With 90-percent available chlorine and built in chlorine stabilizers, the 1-inch chlorinating tablets make proper chlorine level maintenance a breeze. The 1-inch tablets are well-suited for most automatic feeders and floaters.

911 Pool Rescue - Products - Chlorinating Tablets & Sticks
911 Pool Rescue - Products - Algae Control 30
Algae Control 30

This non-foaming, non-metallic 30-percent poly-quat is a superior tool in preventing green, black and mustard algae. It is also ideal for use in pools with attached spas.

Algae Control 60

Like Algae Control 30, the 60-percent poly-quat version is non-foaming and non-metallic so it also works well in pools with attached spas. Additionally, it has an appetite for green, black and mustard algae.

911 Pool Rescue - Products - Algae Control 60
911 Pool Rescue - Products - Concentrated Algae Kill II
Concentrated Algae Kill II

Concentrated Algae Kill II Specially formulated to kill all types of algae, this concentrated liquid form has a copper and quat blend. The fast-acting, non-foaming concentrate will not alter the pH levels in your pool water.

Conditioner - Cyanuric Acid

Cut down on chlorine loss caused by the sun with this granular form conditioner. With 100 percent cyanuric acid stabilizer, chlorine is contained in your pool water where it continues its job of killing bacteria and keeping your pool clean and clear.

911 Pool Rescue - Products - Conditioner - Cyanuric Acid
911 Pool Rescue - Products - pH Minus
pH Minus

Slowly lower your pH with this convenient granular product. The easy-to-use pH minus is just as effective as liquid acids in both pools and spas.

Alkalinity Plus

A simplified approach to raising the total alkalinity in your pool water, Alkalinity Plus is an effective choice. Available in a granular form, the product works as a buffer against pH change.

911 Pool Rescue - Products - Alkalinity Plus
911 Pool Rescue - Products - Calcium Hardness Increaser
Calcium Hardness Increaser

Increasing your calcium hardness level prevents your pool water from becoming corrosive and protects your pool and pool equipment. Pool Season's increaser helps prevent etching and staining and is easy to apply.

pH Plus

When your pH dips below the proper range of 7.2-7.6, pH Plus provides a safe and convenient solution. The granular product is suited for all pool types and causes minimal effects on the overall alkalinity of the pool water.

911 Pool Rescue - Products - pH Plus